Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rick Santorum

Yesterday my daughter's school hosted a speech by Senator Rick Santorum.

Santorum was there to talk about his new book,  "Bella's Gift:  How One Little Girl Transformed a Family and Inspired a Nation."  The Santorums' eighth child was born with Trisomy 18, a profoundly debilitating condition.  90% of children born with Trisomy 18 don't live past their first birthday.  Next week, Bella will be seven years old.

So we are talking about Victory here, with a capital "V."  The Santorums, as a family, are victorious.

Rick Santorum also know something about defeat.  He lost the 2012 Republican nomination to Mitt Romney, and Romney went on to lose the country.

For all the astonishing, mega-stressful, beyond demanding circumstances in his life, Santorum struck me as -- well, how to put this.  Calm?  Sane?  Normal?

I don't know how people it the public eye do it.  I especially don't know how Rick Santorum does it.  This morning I read that the Disney is planning a sitcom based on the "comedy" of Dan Savage.  You remember him.   The guy who's go-to line when disagreed with is "S*ck my d*ck," and who harbors a special hatred for Rick Santorum.  I won't quote him here.  If you want to read the kinds of things Savage says, here's a link for you:

In a world where people like Dan Savage are offered truckloads of money and televisions contracts, Rick Santorum stands up for sanity and class.  Choose your side, reader.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The Move, Cont.

Well I finally had it:  I had The Move Nightmare.

We all remember the Final Exam Nightmare.  The one where you walk into a room to take a final, and it dawns on you that all semester long, you never attended the class.  My version of the drean always continues the same way:  at first I think, Okay, I'm just going to have to fake it.  I'll bluff my way through.  Then I realize the subject is physics or chemistry, and I can't bluff science!  Then, hopefully, I wake up, usually in a cold sweat.

We moved into the new house ten days ago,  and are still surrounded by boxes and boxes and boxes.  I had to go out and buy a new remote before we could watch tv, and I still haven't found the coffee pot.

Last night I dreamed that, boxes or not, I was going to invite some friends for dinner.  Then it dawned on me I only had one pot.  OK, I thought, I got this:  I'll make clam sauce, pour it into a bowl for the microwave and then use the pot again to cook the pasta.

I could only find one can of clams,  I was psyching myself  up to deal with that. Then I realized:  I still haven't found the box with all the spices.  I have no oregano.  I have no dried parsley.  I have no garlic powder,

I  am screwed!

I was just begging my husband to gather our guests together and stall them with some dazzling monologues when I woke up.  In a cold sweat.

I gotta find some more pots.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Ben E. King

Rest in peace.  A great voice matched with a great song.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New House, Continued

"I know what moving means!" Oblomov went on, growing more and more impressive.  "It means noise, breakages; everything is heaped together on the floor.  The portmanteau, the back of the sofa,  picture, pipes, books, all sorts of bottles one doesn't see at other times are sure to turn up from somewhere!...One half is here, another on the cart or at the new flat.  One wants to smoke, takes up the pipe, but the tobacco is gone; one wants to sit down, but there is nothing to sit on! And if one is thirsty, the decanter is here, but there is no glass! And t the new flat, everything is in the wrongplace:  pictures on the floor by the walls, galoshes on the bed, boots in the same bundle with the tea... 

"And you think the moving will be over by the evening, but no, it means at least another fortnight's bother. Pictures to hang, curtains to put up- it's enough to make one's life a misery!  And the expense! ... Why did you talk of moving!  No man could stand it!"

- Ivan Goncharov, "Oblomov," 1859.

New House

We have moved to a new house. 

Until last week we lived in a lovely old neighborhood in the city.  Now we live in a new development in the country.  Until a couple of years ago my front yard was part of a cornfield.

It's a big change.  I no longer live a five-minute walk from a lovely bistro and a wonderful independent bookstore.  But I think I'm going to like it here.  It's a ten-minute drive from my daughter's school. a ten-minute walk to church, and it's very quiet.

I know there's a lot I'll miss about the old 'hood.  But change is a good thing today.

So while I'm on the subject of "change is good," I'm going to make another:  I hereby re-dedicate myself to this old blog.  I will post every day even if it's just "yippee, I unpacked another box."  Or "Hey whaddya know, Hillary has another scandal cooking."  You know.  Boring stuff.

As my readers know, I'm pretty good at boring.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Happy Easter!

I'm a couple of days late, but it's Easter all week long, right?
And hang in there with that Divine Mercy novena!
Are these great days, or what?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Whoooaa.  Headache.  Why, why...oh, right.  Yesterday was Mardi Gras.

Which would make today Ash Wednesday, right?


Well.  We have two options in my parish.  Go to the 8am mass with the schoolkids and get your smudge then, or wait until a special mass at 7pm.

I've decided to go with the 7pm option.  Partly because it's God knows how many degrees below zero outside and after I dropped my kid at her carpool-- at 7am-- I had to get back inside. I suppose I could have waited around in some drafty coffee shop for the morning mass to start, but that seemed like torture.  Which would have been an okay way to kick off Lent, but I guess I'm just not saintly enough for it.

The downside to attending an evening mass is this:  I can't do dinner before 7pm. Which means I will probably spend half the mass thinking about how hungry I am after a day of fasting, and should I have linguine with clam sauce or just grab a (meatless) pizza on the way home.  Pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza....  shoot, is the sermon over already?  So sorry I missed it.

So.  Who's got any ideas about how to observe Lent this year?  DIH is all ears.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The By Now Totally Required "50 Shades of Grey" Post

I just read that the number one February release of all time, according to box office take, was Mel Gibson's 2004 "The Passion of the Christ."  And the Number 2 February release of all time?
"Fifty Shades of Grey."

So.  Let's agree, for the moment, that what America goes to see at the movies tells us something about who we are.  What does this little tidbit tell us?

Hmm... that we love God best and porn second best?

Nah.  Too simple.

That we've come a long way in a downwards direction in the past eleven years? I could believe that.  I mean, what with Average Barbie and all. 

That.. oh, let's see.  Women are bored with chocolate and roses?
 Yeah, that'll be the day.

The fact is, Desperate doesn't feel like speculating.  She is, in fact, 100% sure who is behind this thing, as I imagine my readers are too.  Put it this way:  he's the guy the "hero" of "The Passion of the Christ" defeated.

But even losers can rear their ugly little heads once in a while.  As FSoG pretty much proves.