Friday, March 08, 2013

Update For You Papacy Fans

According to the Twitter feed, the cardinals will vote today on when to commence conclaving. The announcement is supposed to be made at 7pm Rome time, 12 noon Minneapolis time.

I'm assuming all the action will get rolling on Monday morning, March 11.  Who knows?  By the time yours truly gets to Rome on Thursday all the excitement could be over.

Which is a good thing, I've decided.  I'd hate to spend my latest Roman adventure standing in a square squinting at smoke, which is supposed to be black for "no decision" and white for "we got pope"  but everyone says is actually mostly grey every time.

So I may be in Rome for the election, or I may not.  But one thing is certain:  I will definitely be in Rome for St Joseph's Day, March 19.

And that is definitely something to look forward to.

Anybody else out there got a sweet tooth?  Is St Joseph's Day your favorite holy day, or what?

I'm talking PASTRIES, baby!  Cannolis!  Napoleons!  Cheesecake cheesecake CHEESECAKE!!!

According to my pastor the Romans make pastries on St Josephs' Day that they never make the rest of the year.  "There'll be powdered sugar everywhere,"  he predicted.  And he ought to know, he lived in Rome for years.  Still thin though.  Not sure how he pulled that off, must ask.

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