Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Pope, Old Fracture

So we have a new pope.  Yesterday DIH watched the installation of Pope Francis from a balcony high above St Peter's Square, and believe me she was glad to be above that crowd.   I am as loyal to the Papacy as the next girl but no way was I getting up at 4 and taking my chances in a crush of a quarter of a million people.

Not to resort to cliches but it really was an amazing experience, being here for the installation of a new Vicar of Christ.  I thought the Holy Father's message was beautiful.  Dont't be afraid of tenderness.  Unless you are a very tasty young calf, in which case the Italians do such wonderful things with veal that--

Oops.  Scratch that.

The only really maddening thing was getting out of Vatican City after the ceremony was over.  Because of all the visiting dignitaries the roads leading out of VC were closed.  We were trapped here until the last statesman was safely across the bridge.  Our group had to cancel its plans to see the catacombs.  Screwed by the likes of Joe Biden again.

In other news my daughter's old heel fracture is apparently acting up.  I have to give her credit for hobbling all the way over tot he Trevi Fountain on crutches yesterday.  She was determined to see it and claimed it would build her upper body strength.  Now of course whe's exhausted and sore, so we are skipping today's touring so she can lie in bed with her foot elevated and complain to her mom.  I may need a new job before the day is over. 

Anybody got any spare Advil?

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