Thursday, September 09, 2010

On Koran-Burning

From "The Little Flowers of St. Francis"

"...Now when [Francis] arrived in a certain country of the Saracens,where such cruel men guarded the roads that no Christian passing through them could escape being killed, by the grace of God they were not killed, but were taken prisoners, beaten in various ways and very roughly bound and then led before the Sultan.

"In his presence St Francis preached under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in such a way about the holy Catholic faith that he offered to enter the fire for it. As a result, the Sultan began to feel great devotion for him, both because of the unshakable conviction of his faith and because of his contempt for the world-- for though he was utterly poor he would not accept any gifts--and also because of his fervent longing for martyrdom. And thereafter the Sultan willingly listened to him and asked him to come back to see him many times. Moreover, he generously granted permission to him and to his companions to go anywhere and freely preach wherever they wished in all his empire. And he gave them a certain little token so that no one who saw it should harm them."

Did everyone catch that?

Just in case, let me make it clear: please note the LACK OF ANY KORAN-BURNING.

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