Monday, September 27, 2010

BWP Update

Well I finally got my box of books. My publisher brought me a carton of copies of "Breakfast With The Pope" last week. DIH has been spending all her time admiring her work. (The fact that there is no author photograph makes this task all the easier.)

It's an interesting experience, holding your "first" book in your hands. I suppose I have to call it that; it is the first one that ever got published. The only problem is when people ask "Is this your first book?" Then they look you over like, "Um- if you don't mind my asking, what took you so long?"

So I explain, "Well, it's my first published book." I figure if they read BWP they'll read all about the unpublished ones, so why put myself through all that again.


Nemoleon said...

Of course you couldn't publish it until you knew how the story turned out.

Ray from MN said...

How come you've been ignoring your old pals with the news of the publication of your great kenwood novel, or memoir?

I had to find out from the Curt Jester on Twitter!

Congratulations! I know now what will be on my Christmas list.