Friday, September 03, 2010

Blog Shopping

I've been looking at a lot of authors' blogs lately. I'm going to be starting a blog for my book, "Breakfast With the Pope," in a few weeks, and I wanted to see how the pros do it.

There are some beautiful blogs out there. I especially liked the vampire ones.

Every so often I ask myself, Why oh why wasn't I born a super cool vampire author? Having perused some vampire blogs my envy is only intensified. Vampire writers get to wear fangs. Vampire authors get to use an amazing amount of lingerie in their blogs. And how can you go wrong with a simple theme of red and black?

It's an enviable life the vampire writers lead. The adulation of teenagers, the shopping for crumbling Victorian mansions, the creepy emails from felons-- all this is stuff DIH can only dream about.

Ah well. Reality check, Desperate. You're not a vampire author, period. The closest you've ever been to a vampire is those people who take blood samples at the doctor's office. And that left a lot to be desired as a literary experience.

Since "BWP" is set in Italy (largely), I also took a gander at the Italy author blogs. You know, the "Under The Tuscan Sun" set.

Now there were some beautiful blogs. Gorgeous pictures of charming medieval streets, overflowing vegetable stands, gaping fresh-caught fish. I don't remember reading much, I was too busy drooling over the food photos.

And therein lies the problem with writing about Italy: you cannot separate the place from the food. If there is one "Italy book" blog out there that does not include a ton of food writing, I haven't found it.

Now ask yourself: can I read about Italian food without wanting to stuff myself with some?

The answer in DIH's case is a resounding "no way." I can't even watch "The Godfather" without needing something to eat. Preferably something with red sauce. Maybe some eggplant. Definitely cannolis.

So naturally after browsing the Italy author blogs I pulled out all my Italian cookbooks. And oh, oh, baby. I see the calories coming now. I see Italian feasts laid out all over the kitchen.

And since I'm such a generous soul, maybe I'll share some.

But not the cannolis.

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Nemoleon said...

Canolis I can pick up at the store. In Rome. Starting Monday. But I look forward to your book-blog.