Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today's Drudge Report links to the holiday ads by all the major candidates- the ones they're going to run in Iowa and New Hampshire over Christmas. DIH watched all the ads, and concluded that Rudy Giuliani's was the only one worth watching. So, I decided to go to YouTube and link the ad.

It's cute, it's fun, it's got Rudy talking politics and fruitcake. And it was the only one that had Santa Claus, unless you count Hillary Clinton's offer of universal pre-K, which if Santa doesn't provide the taxpayer will have to. Anyone feeling like that much of a Santa Claus?

Then Rudy's ad was sabotaged.

The YouTube version of the ad has removed Rudy's holiday wishes from the soundtrack and substituted "you 're sick, you need help" over and over again- the point being, I guess, that anyone who supports Giuliani is a world-class sicko.

News flash, hackers: you're the ones with the problem. Get a job, or a life, or something. Heck, go back to school. And tell your mothers to take away your keyboards for a week.

Meanwhile DIH will search for the genuine ad and post it here ASAP.

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