Saturday, December 22, 2007

Local News

A roundup from across the state. Enjoy.

"Ice conditions are improving after the heavy snowfall we received 2 weeks ago on the not yet established ice. Reports of up to 14 inches on some smaller shallow lakes but most lakes are still in the 8-12 inch mark. There is still some slush under the snow, but nothing to be concerned about. The walleye bite has been hit or miss with the unstable weather, but good reports of panfish bites have come in using minnows and waxworms."

Question: what the heck is a waxworm? NO, scrathc that- waht exactly is a walleye, anyway?

"We're seeing a lot more traffic on the lakes (only ATV, snowmobile, or foot) at this point. Reports are coming in from across the Metro Area, everywhere from out west in the Annandale Area all the way to St. Croix River, and everywhere in between. A lot people starting to get out onto their favorite first ice spots and fish getting caught! "

Question: caught doing what?

"Winter weather dominates the scene and is still making life difficult for anglers and spearing enthusiasts alike."

Spearers? They have spearers? Are any of them wearing loincloths?

"Walleye have been very active anywhere you can make a hole in the ice over six feet of water or more. Rattling type jigs have been producing well in the yet unsettled and slightly cloudy water. Look through your tackle box for reds, white and orange glow colors to dress up that minnow for the walleye."

But don't expect the minnow to dress up for you. You're not worth it.

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