Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For That Special Felon On Your List

The perfect gift!

"Artist Lynn Fellman has a different sort of self-portrait on her wall. It features a curiously repetitive sequence of the letters A, T, C and G, a map of several continents and the stylized visage of an African woman. The woman whom she calls Eve is at the root of Fellman's DNA code."

Ms. Fellman, a commercial artist, will paint a picture of your DNA code for $765 ( $650 for the portrait plus $115 for the saliva analysis. Unless you got yours courtesy of the state, I would imagine). "For clients who want their actual likeness included, the cost is $1,800.'

Today's Star Tribune features several of Ms. Fellmans' works, DNA-inspired portraits of a person's "deep ancestry" journey. I'm no art critic, but for some reason they all seem to look like something out of "Lilo and Stich." Seriously.

But I have to say the colors are pretty, and if you want a conversation starter, well. A whole new kind of megalomania awaits you. Ms.Fellmans' studio can be found online at

In addition to her paintings she also features a line of DNA-inspired scarves and neckties.

In other news the New York Times reports that the Kyrgyz prime minister has resigned, after parliament refused to meet his demand for more vowels.

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