Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Day Before

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. DIH is thankful that she's not making dinner.

I am, however, supposed to make a cheesecake, to take to the people who are making dinner. DIH makes a killer cheesecake. This is not bragging. This is simple fact.

Not, of course, that everyone appreciates cheesecake. The million children who will also be in attendance at dinner tomorow will probably be happier with an ice pop and a bag of Mr. Chips. Let them, the little savages.

Despite the fact that I am not hosting a Thanksgiving dinner I did buy a turkey earlier this week. I suppose I should roast it. The alternative is letting it sit in the fridge taking up space until its expiration date is a distant memory. Maybe I'll cook it this weekend, then break it down for a year's worth of turkey curry. It's always good to have something in the freezer.

Especially now that the holiday season is underway. You know how it is- you go to work, you pick up the kid, you drive her to her piano lesson or whatever, while she's there you make a dash to the supermarket or the Best Buy or whatever, or you tear over to the lot to pick out your Christmas tree while it's still light enough to see the ones that don't have squirrels' nests in them. And then what happens? Dinnertime, and there's no food. So you order a pizza.

Do this a few times a week. Watch the scales tip. Hate self by New Year's.

No, this year's gonna be different. This year DIH will have a freezer full of turkey curry and lentil soup. No last-minute pizzas this time around, boy. I don't want five more pounds for Christmas.

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