Monday, December 08, 2014

Sugar Plums

I should have known.  Yesterday was our parish's annual "Sugar Plum Days" event.  the ladies of hte Altar and Rosary Society hawk Christmas cookies and evergreen wreaths in the church basement after Mass, St Nicholas shows up and distributes chocolates, and the next day, you guessed it, half the kids in the parish come down with the first flu of the season.

Or at least mine did.  But given how many of her friends she hugged and took selfies with, I'm guessing there'll be a few more casualties before too long. Oh how the other moms will thank me.

So daughter home sick and miserable.  How can I bring Christmas cheer to our abode?

I thought I might start stringing the lights on the tree  But here's the truth:  Stringing lights?  Not my strong suit.  Actually nothing involving a sense a balance is my strong suit.  To say nothing of anything that requires balancing while standing on a ladder.

I could continue addressing Christmas cards.  I did all the "Merry Christmas" ones last week.  Now I'm down to the "Seasons Greetings" set.  This could be a little tricky as the only cards I have left have pictures of St Patrick's Cathedral on them.  I'm  thinking I could get a metallic marker and point out the corner of Saks across the street. Everybody likes Saks.  They have great Christmas- uh, holiday window displays.

In other news, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of  "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."  In honor of the anniversary I bought my husband a Wally the Moose glass. Last night we broke it in with a couple of eggnogs.  With a little splash of rum, of course.  And a scrape of nutmeg.

Which is sounding good right about now.

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