Friday, December 12, 2008

The Herd Is Plentiful

A tale of the Great Bison.

Shops at Farmers' Market has returned from the hunt. The herd was plentiful this year. The Great Box of Ice in the cave beneath the abode is full.

Yet all is not well. The flesh of the prey is tough. Very tough. Even the Cooker of Great Slothfulness could not overcome it.

Now Shops Online speaks. "You must hunt from another herd. My people never consume the flesh of the bison if it's from Wisconsin. In fact we never touch anything from Wisconsin. Try South Dakota next time."

I, Shops at Farmers' Market, nod sagely. "Yet until now the meat has been most satisfactory. The tender steaks, and the chopped-up variety used for chili and burgers. It is only the pot roast that disappoints."

"Try cooking it on 'high,'" Shops Online advises.

Therefore I, Shops at Farmers' Market, have returned the flesh of the noble bison to the cooker of great slothfulness for the day. When the Great Orb of Light has passed from the sky and the small silver one appears, the tribe will once again attempt to feast on the bison pot roast. Should we fail-- thanks be to the Great Spirit!-- we know a good pizza place.

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