Monday, July 28, 2008

Buon Giorno, Minnesota!

So I'm walking around the lake yesterday and who do I see but Italy Man.

I don't know his real name. He is short, dark, and always talking on his cell phone. And this is what makes my day. I don't get many chances to hear someone speaking Italian here in Minnesota. And DIH looooves to hear that lovely, lovely language.

Anyway yesterday there he was, cell phone glued to ear, talking to somebody back home. If DIH's extremely spotty Italian is anything to go by, he was explaining the Minneapolis lakes system. "Minneapolis e come Molino," he said, Minneapolis is like Molino.


I gotta dig out my old guidebooks. Where the heck is Molino? Anybody know?


Joke said...

Molino (or mulino) is a mill, in Italy these'd be powered by water.

If my wildly oxidized Italian is anything to go by, the "sense" of what he was saying was "Minneapolis is ideal mill country."

Um. That's all I've got.


Ray from MN said...

Just by searching on Molino, Italy, I came up with "Borgo del Molino", just a tad north of Venice. It translates as "Village of Molino."

Pretty tiny, not too many lakes.