Monday, March 03, 2008

We Gotta Caucus

Saturday , March 1. Caucus Day.

8:30 am. Desperate Irish Housewife, Delegate for District 7-2, arrives at VFW Hall on Lyndale Avenue, across from gay coffeeshop and tae kwon do school..
8:31. DIH discovers donuts at far end of hall. Good times.
8:45 am. DIH takes a seat in section reserved for the ten 7-2 delgates. Only two other people are there, a guy in a blazer and a high school kid.
8:50 am. Discovery of better donuts at opposite end of VFW Hall. Good times once more.

9am-12 noon. Wait through various delays that will guarantee only the old geezers who've been running this thing for years will be elected delegates to state convention. Introduction of pre-printed ballots with only their names on them. Several delegates on the floor object that they never got a chance to vote on the nominees. "Oops," say the old geezers. They sure are sorry about that.

12:00 pm. High school kid mutters "This is so screwed up." DIH explains, gently, that in fact nothing is screwed up. Everything is going exactly the way the olg geezers need it to. You have to give them credit, they are one tenacious bunch. One thing they didnt' count on , though: the Ron Paul guys, who organize a revolt from the floor.

1 pm- 2pm. In a compromise engineered by and valiantly fought for by the Ronulans, everyone else is allowed to nominate delgates verbally. Secretary makes a big show of writing their names on a big white pad. Then everyone gets to vote.

3 pm. Everyone with a life gives up and goes home. Look for the geezers at the next caucus. They'll be there.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Good Grief! Well, at least you tried!