Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Template Trouble, Continued

I still can't get my template to cooperate. [Aside to Joke- I took your advice and emailed that blog designer but haven't heard back yet.]

This is too bad, as I reall want to beg people to vote for me in the Catholic Blog Awards. I'm , ahem, a nominee, don't you know. In three categories. Please go to www.catholicblgawards and vote for me, me, ME.

Anyway while fighting with my template and cruising the net I keep coming across blogs that are too good to miss, and I have to share one of them here:

This is a smart, well-written blog by a - get this- devout Catholic football player at Yale University. The sort of thing that gives one hope. It's a little sporadic so dont' expect immediate updates, but it's worth a read.

1 comment:

Joke said...

If you like Stephen's blog, you should try to show you we have moles in more places in the Ivy League.


P.S. is also, methinks, IDEALLY suited to your mindset.