Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One of Life's Challenges

Ever try housebreaking a puppy when it's 35 below zero outside?

DIH hadn't either, until this week. Let me tell you it is every bit as fun as it sounds.

Bright Idea: "I know. I'll train her to go right outside the door."
Downside: this will train her to go right outside the door.

Bright Idea: "I'll keep my big down coat right by the door. That way I can just grab it when she has to go."
Downside: The dog will also be able grab it. And chew on it. Whenever your back is turned.

Bright Idea: "You know, I can't blame her. I wouldn't go out in this cold either."
Downside: dog is reading your mind, and taking you at your word. Several times a day.

What can I say? I know it's a better plan to get your puppy in the spring, or summer. But there she was at the animal shelter, this adorable little cream-colored labrador puppy, eight weeks old and cute as -- well, as a lab pup. And there I was, dogless.

I have learned something about labradors. They're like the opposite sex: can't live with them, can't live without them. They shed and shed and shed until your house is one big hairball. They eat everything in sight, and whatever they don't eat they chew up anyway, just for practice. They're big and loud, they run up vet bills, they take over the bed and the sofa (but they might be willing to share the dog bed).

They're a pain. But they are priceless. And after trying another shed-free breed, DIH has come to understand that her life is just not complete without a labrador in it.

The timing wasn't great. But what a cute puppy!

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HEATHER said...

Have you tried crate training? She stays in a crate when you can not be watching her, such as sleeping, or away from the home. When you are at home keep her on a long leash and right next to you. That way she gets used to being with you and staying at your side. Good Luck!