Tuesday, January 01, 2008

January 1st

The First of January is a big day for everyone, even if you're Chinese and have a totally different New Year, or a Jehovah's Witness and don't believe in celebrating anything. You still have to get a new calendar. You still have to change the way you write your checks. And you probably still can't help peeking at pictures of fireworks over those weird towers in Indonesia.

When DIH was a tiny thing January First was still known as The Feast of the Circumcision. Eight days after Christmas, right? Time to-- well, you know. I understand if you'd rather I didn't go into it.

Nowadays the Catholic Church celebrates the first of January as the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.

And let me just say this: I LOVE THE VIRGIN MARY.

I love the way she had the guts to say "Sure, I'll have the baby" even though, unmarried as she was, it meant she was risking being stoned to death. (Talk about a high-risk pregnancy.) I love the way she showed her Son what real love is- the kind that's inconvenient and worse- when she jump-started his ministry at the Wedding Feast at Cana. And I love the way she's always showing up here on earth to remind us of what's important. I mean, come on, she probably takes on the jobs the angels turn their noses up at. If they have noses.

Without Mary there's no Christ, no Church, no hope. You gotta love a girl like that.

Happy feast day, Mary. You rock.


Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Sorry, Anonymous, but I have no interest in helping anyone spread the Word According to the Watchtower.
P.S. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

May we remember our Holy Mother and her dedication to God's calling throughout the whole year. God bless all mothers and may we use our Blessed Mother as our role model in all we do and say!

tim said...

"if they have noses..." Very funny!

Joke said...

The BVM also once made a mechanic who specialized in my bizarro Italian car stop and help in a moment of need.


Pablo said...

Young Lady,

The Virgin Mary did not have 'guts'; she was obedient to God's will.
The Holy Angels are magnificient spirits. When the angel declared to Mary, "Hail, full of Grace' he did not have to explain himself. God has made her Queen of the Angels.
The wedding feast at Cana was a demonstration of how the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a very important one. "Woman, what is that to us?'is not Christ conceeding His authority, His first miracle outside of prophecy was God instructing Christ to please His mother. "Father, My time has not yet come"
People in the New Age of Enlightenment have become so debaunched and disrespectful to Our Divine Master, and His Mother.
Not even Judas Iscariot would talk to the Queen of Heaven in such disrespectful terms.