Friday, January 11, 2008

I Did It!

I did it! I did it last night!

I watched the Republican debate!
And my analysis is:

Best One-Liner: Fred Thompson. that crack about "one more step and they would've got those virgins." Good one!
Craziest But Occasionally Frighteningly Right: Ron Paul, obviously.
Most Effective Self-Defense: Mike Huckabee. When he said "everyone says he doesnt make religions an issue, but it's always ok to ask me." Well, you're a minister, Mike. You must've seen it coming.

Dullest: Romney, hands down. Hard to remember anything the man said, even though I found myself nodding sometimes.
New Yorkiest Guy: Rudy.

So now I have a new dream ticket: Fred and Rudy. And given the odds I'd say it will remain a dream. But still, think about it. What a team! Like putting John Wayne and Jimmy Cagney on the same horse! There's probably a better analogy but it's too early for DIH to come up with one. The floor is open to suggestions.

In othe news, Sir Edmund Hillary died this week. The man who, you will recall, served as Hillary Clinton's namesake, for a while at least. Mrs. Clinotn told the press that story right up until the day Sir Ed himself pointed out that he didn't climb Mt.Everest until some time after Hillary Rodham was born and christened. I guess Hillary just thought it was acool story. Or maybe she just wanted to claim she had a boy's name.
Or maybe it was just another lie.


Joke said...

I mmediateky lurch Fredwards whenever he stops campaigning and starts talking like Fred.

Think about it: "President Fred."


Joke said...

"Immediately" he said, striking his typist roughly.