Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You Better Watch Yourself, Your Holiness!

Quote of the day:

"So now we know that the new pope is a parochial and intolerant man- but anybody who paid attention to Cardinal Ratzinger's pervious careeer knew that already. Now he is in a position to do much more damage." -some Brit journalist in taday's Star Tribune

Somebody tell that pope to stop burning effigies of Mohammed!

Somebody tell him he better not stone any more women to death, and if he shoots one more nun in the back he'll be sorry!

And if he tries bombing New York or London again, well, he'll be double-dog sorry!

1 comment:

Ray from MN said...

Don't you kind of feel that we are in a "wonderland" or "never never land" or some other fantasy world?

The reaction to that one sentence proves that not only was it true for a significant portion of Islam in the 14th century, it is just as true, if not more so, in the 21st century.

Yet the Pope is the one that is getting all the criticism.

Any Muslims that have dared to speak out against their co-religionists are safely living in Western countries.

Like minded individuals living in an Islam country know that they would be dead within a week if they dared make an objection.