Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lights, Camera....

Everyone else is writing about ABC's docudrama about 9/11, so I guess I should too.

By now the whole blogosphere has heard that Bill Clinton's lawyers are demanding ABC pull the doc because it depicts our glorious former leader in an unflattering light.

There are several different ways to approach this topic.

The first, of course, is the old "imagine-if- [insert conservative or even just plain Republican pol's name here]-did-the-same thing-the press-would-be-up-in-arms" complaint.

The second is to imagine what tv would be like if "if it can't be fixed it must be nixed" became a new industry standard. "Dear Mr. History Channel. I don't like the way you portrayed my great-great-great-great-cousin -twice removed. I demand you pull your damaging docudrama or I will sue you with all the resources at my disposal, and given how much my cousin stole- uh, I mean amassed, that will be plenty. Sincerely Attila the Hun XXXV."

The third, sadly, is to get real. These are the Clintons, people. Remember? Remember how President Bill gave his cousin a job in the White House Travel office so she could a) wreck the career of the man who'd been running it 20 years and b) hand all lucrative travel contracts over to Cousin Bill's Hollywood pals? Or any of the other lives that were destroyed merely by brushing up against those two?

Please. What exactly did we expect?

Monday is the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks. I lost friends in those attacks- people I grew up with, went to school with, shared some really wonderful good times with. Neighbors of mine back home lost a lot more.

But why think about them? Let's all focus on how Bill looks.

I just don't have time for that guy any more.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully, not many Americans do. I was listening about this on the radio, and someone brought up an excellent point: Clinton's "legacy" must REALLY be flimsy if it can be destroyed by a five-hour miniseries.

I don't recall any Republicans demanding Michael Moore's docufantasy Fahrenheit 9/11 be banned from theaters. But then that just reminds us all of the enormous "values chasm" between the two parties.

Anonymous said...
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