Monday, September 25, 2006

In Case You Haven't Noticed, Noah, It's Pouring Out There

"That which is not said is often the greater truth."

So writes 24-year-old Noah Kunin of Minneapolis, MN on one of his websites, Depending on your source, Mr. Kunin is either a "local blogger" or a "Democratic Party operative." Personaly I think anybody who has another website (, devoted to raising money for the DFL passes for the latter, but I suppose it's open to debate.

For anyone who hasn't been following the Senate race up here in the North Star state, let me fill you in.

The candidates are Amy Klobuchar (DFL) and Mark Kennnedy (R). Klobuchar is the Hennepin County attorney. Kennedy is the U.S. Representative for the 6th district. At the moment Klobuchar is leading in the polls. How much of a lead she has is open to debate, too: the Minneapolis Star Tribune says over 20 points, Kennedy's own pollsters say more like 10.

At any rate Klobuchar's lead seems pretty solid.

So the question is, why did she pull such a bone-headed stunt last weekend?

Last Friday, TK Noah Kunin contacted Tara McGuinness, Klobuchar's communications director, and gave her a link to a website of Howell Communications TK Inc., the Dallas- based firm that is handling Mark Kennedy's ads. Using the link McGuinness got into Howell's files and viewed an ad that Kennedy hadn't aired yet. She then told her staff to watch the ad, too.

Five days later Klobuchar fired McGuinness and issued a statement to the effect that this kind of thing would not be toelrated and the whole matter of the file theft had been turned over to the FBI.

Hm, you're wondering. Um- five days later? Just out of, you know, curiosity, why did it take her five days? I mean, she's a prosecutor, right? She knows the laws about breaking and entering, right? So what's with the delay?

Klobuchar is mum on the subject, but a few facts: On Monday, the local paper published its 20+ points lead poll. On Tuesday morning, the New York Times ran a flattering report on the poll. Tuesday night, the candidates had their first televised debate.

Yo, Noah- seems like an awful lot's not being said here! Where are you, guy?

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

I"m STILL waiting for the local press to pick up this story.

I don't know, the Kennedy radio ads on 'CCO with the Klobuchar answering machine are REALLY funny! I think he's still alive. We've got a month yet.