Friday, May 05, 2006

Record Time!

Question: How long will it be before the media start talking about "the Kennedy Curse?"

Answer: about 90 seconds. CNN's commentator is already rattling on about the famous "curse." Which, you will recall, was born the day after Mary Jo Kopechne drowned off Chappaquiddick Island, and was, acccording to Senator Ted, solely responsible for her death.

It's not a "Kennedy" curse, oh you mental giants of the media. The curse is on anyone stupid enough to get involved with that crew. It's the mere mortals like Mary Jo who end up paying the price.

"For shame!" the Kennedy-slaves out there are tut-tutting. "How can you say that family is not cursed! After the deaths of those wonderful sons!"

You know what, K-slaves? Go talk to a ghetto mother who's lost a child to gang violence. Explain the "Kennedy curse" to her. Tell her how these people who grew up with all the wealth and power in the world are worse off than she is. How they're "cursed."

And I agree with Megan- if this was one of President' Bush's daughters we'd be hearing screams from the media about irresponsibly parenting and God knows what else.

And I doubt the Bush girls would get away with refusing to take any questions, either. As Patrick just did.


Jeffus said...

The curse is born of hubris and priviledge.

"Oh, I know, I'll just take my new pilot's license and take two innocents up with me and try to bring it in on instruments".

Except Robert I guess. I think he might have become something.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point on the Bush twins. Such a double standard.
Did you hear the latest dish on them? They were in an early a.m. spinning class at whatever posh, private gym they go to here in D.C. a couple weeks ago and the spinning instructor was handing out "mix cds" of the music from the class (as he regularly does.) Apparently, he was also handing out some kind of anti-Bush comedian's routine on DVD or CD or something and then just WENT OFF on President Bush, not even knowing that Jenna and Barbara were in his class.
I can't remember if the guy lost his job or not but he should...what a dumb ass.