Friday, May 05, 2006

Patrick Kennedy

Deja vu all over again. A Kennedy gets into a car wreck and denies all responsibility. I'm not one to complain but you'd think by now they'd have thought of a new act.
Oh wait- I said "thought" in the same breath as "Kennedy." My mistake!

For anyone who may have missed the item, earlier this week Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), son of Senator Ted Kennedy, slammed his car into a concrete barrier near the Capitol at quarter to three in the morning. After he climbed out of the car he staggered around claiming he was late for a House vote. (The House had adjourned three hours before.) As the two Capitol Hill police officers on the scene attempted to deal with the incident, two senior police officers showed up, dismissed the rank and file guys, and drove Patrick home.

Kennedy claimed he had "consumed no alcohol" prior to the accident. He also declared "I asked for no special treatment."

Two questions:

1. Does anyone believe any of that?

2. If so, would you be interested in purchasing a bridge? There's a nice one in Brooklyn I can sell you.

The claim that he had consumed no alcohol is pretty preposterous, since a waitress at the Hawk & Dove, on Pennsylvania Ave. a few blocks away from the Capitol, reported seeing him there having a few drinks earlier. This being a Kennedy case, I think we can safely assumed the waitress in question will shortly have a lapse of memory. Right before she goes out and buys a Ferrari.

The claim that he "asked for no special treatment" is an even bigger joke. Come on, people. This is a guy who's been through how many rehabs but still thinks he can hang around bars and not get into trouble. Obviously ordinary rules don't apply to Patrick.

But perhaps the most outrageous thing of all is Patrick's claim that he took two drugs- Ambien and Phenergan- before the accident. He took a tummy drug that according to the PDA causes extreme drowsiness, combined it with a sleeping pill,and then got behind the wheel. Nothing wrong with that. right? I mean, you can't get arrested for taking prescription sleeping pills and driving. It's not illegal. And it's not wrong. Certainly not for a Kennedy.

For a Kennedy, it's par for the course. It combines breathtaking hubris with astonishing stupidity. Haven't we been down this road before with this family?

But, you are saying, at least this time no one got killed. There was no Mary Jo dead on the sidewalk, no Caroline -and-her-sister floating in the water.

That was pure luck. I guess we'll have to wait until Patrick goes all the way in following in daddy's footsteps and kills someone before it will affect this bozo's career.


Anonymous said...

The Weekly Standard just reported on another car wreck he got into in mid April. None of the other news media has picked that up as far as I can tell.

Catherine L

Meagan B said...

If Patrick Kennedy would have been one of George Bush's daughters, there would be more talk of impeachment, and the media would be shouting it from the mountain tops. I hate the Kennedy family.

UbiCaritas said...

DIH, you are assuming that killing someone would adversely affect a Kennedy's political career. It gave Chappaquidick Ted another 37 years (and counting) in office; does this mean RI has to put up with Patrick (oh, the Irish-Pat-drinking jokes that come to mind!) for several more decades? Well, better that than the White House, I suppose, but still...

Sue said...

Hi Ubi- Chappaquiddick kept Ted out of the White House, and even cost him the nomination. that's an adverse affect wouldnt' you say?

UbiCaritas said...

I'd certainly agree that that's an adverse affect (note I did mention the WH) but I would also point out that the man is still in the Senate. I'm not entirely certain if he raises or lowers the average moral IQ of that august body.