Monday, January 09, 2006

Wave of the future

Today we observe the first appearance of the Howard Stern show on Sirius satellite radio.

Depending on who you listen to, this is either a great leap forward for the communications biz or a sign of the Apocalypse.

I was living in DC when that airplane took off from National Airport for Florida and then slammed into the 14th Street Bridge, killing I dont' remember how many poor people. The stories from that crash never left me. I'm thinking of one right now and I cant' even bear to type it. Anyone who was in DC then probably knows the one I mean.

I remember how Stern called the airline the next morning and asked how much was a ticket from National to the 14th Street Bridge.

Obscene! the critics cried. Heartless! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

No, people. What was obscene, what was heartless, what was wrong, wrong, wrong was the fact that the airline let that plane take off with ice still on the wings. Stern rubbed the airline's nose in it, yes. But he sure as hell didn't kill those people.

I admit, even though he could be way over the top sometimes, years ago I liked Stern's show. Yeah, it was idiotic. But I liked Stuttering John asking Gennifer Flowers "Did Governor Clinton use a condom? Do you plan on sleeping with any other presidential candidates?" And I loved Robin Quivers' voice.

But what I really appreciated about him was the fact that Stern was different: he was married. He was married to a woman he'd met in college. He moved from job to job, worked insane hours. She believed in him and stuck with him. They had daughters. And even after fame struck, at first anyway, he stayed with her. That alone made him different: that he had commitments that were tough to keep and he kept them.

But then Stern-- after the books and the movie and the superstardom--got divorced, left his wife, and took himself a trophy wife, a stunning super-model type who wouldnever have dreamed of giving him the time of day before he was a superstar. (Note to Howard: hope the money holds out.)

He turned out to be just like everyone else.

People like that aren't at all interesting.


The Coulter Chamber said...

I've never understood women's fondness, or even tolerance, for that jerk. Since long before his divorce, he's always just seemed like the Pied Piper of mysogynists to me.

Btw, he & Beth aren't married. He recently said that he & she weren't going to be getting married b/c things were going well between them & he didn't want to 'f*ck things up' by getting married. Like so many other narcissists, he's decided to blame his divorce on the institution of marriage, instead of on his own titanic self-absorption.

(As you can probably guess, I found your blog via the link on Coulter's site)

Walter E. Wallis said...

I really try to like Howard because my son likes him.
Can't make it.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Love your blog!!! I found it on Ann Coulter's site! Great stuff! I'll be back.

emma said...

I am mystified by his continual popularity. He absolutely makes my skin crawl! There is nothing remotely redeeming about what he does not take any talent to do his job of stripping away human dignity...his was stripped long ago. btw...i love your blog & found it on Chairman Ann's site!

The Apologist said...

Haha... lots of hostility. I've found his antics to be clever on occasion, and, well, if I'm going to start judging my enjoyment of something on whether I agree with the moral premises of celebrities, I'd better start selling all of my movies and CDs.