Sunday, January 22, 2006

Violins, Please. Make Them Electric.

One of the most constant mantras of the pro-abortionists is "safe, legal, and rare."

Abortions should be "safe," meaning for the docs who perform it and the poor women who are hoodwinked into it.

It should be "legal," meaning unfettered access to abortion for all, including children without their parents' knowledge.

And above all (violins here, move in for the soulful closeup) it should be "rare." Rare, because its such a painful decision. And painful decisions are bad for you, as every civilized person knows. Bad, bad, bad.

So what are they partying about?

Yesterday at the YWCA I noticed a bright new poster on the bulletin board.


"Celebrating the 33rd anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the decision legalizing abortion in the U.S."

Two concerts- an "all ages" concert at five, and a "21+" beginning at ten- preceeded by a reception at the Macalester Alumni House. "Enjoy wine, music and appetizers as we celebrate the 33rd anniversary of Roe V. Wade!"

If you go to you can see the poster for yourself. I had to go to the website because, oddly, there were no directions or mention of a venue on the poster at the Y.

I wonder why.


Anna said...

You sound like someone who's never had to make that decision.

J. T. Corey said...


"Should I kill someone who is now totally dependant on me because it would make my life easier?"

Oh, nuts, you got me. I never had to make that decision either.

Des_Moines_Girl said...

Not having an abortion (or not having to make that choice) does not automatically disqualify you from forming an opinion or joining in the debate.

Chubbette said...

I guess this means you'd prefer your abortions



and common


emma said...

Abortions are absolutely unsafe for the person you killed...there is no such thing as a morally neutral decision.

Christopher McLaughlin said...

Sue – I have a different take on that poster. I see it as a good sign. You’re witnessing the last gasp death struggles from the silly left in support of an agenda that is dying of its own. Ten years ago even the sillies wasn’t “celebrating” abortion on demand with posters and such. They didn’t need these to proclaim their cause. The ranks of “useful idiots” were abundant and carried their message for them. But the repugnant message from Roe v Wade, and worse, its stream roller corrupted application into areas such as parental and spousal notification is slowly but steadily hitting home. And while the silly left is caught thinking that they just aren’t getting their message out, they’re failing to grasp the simple fact that their message has not only been coming through loud and clear, it’s really starting to turn people away. Do not expect Roe itself to be overturned anytime soon. But take heart. As the sillies legally and safely abort themselves, literally, and each generation is replaced with fewer and fewer of their ilk, within two to three generations, Roe v Wade will wither away, corroded from within and collapsing into itself. And sixty years from now, I personally believe it will be far less, as a society we will look back on the 1970s much as we look back on the 1850s as a time in our country’s history when strangely enough, men in black robes thought slavery or infanticide weren’t any big deal. I'm personally happy to see such dumb posters abound.

Chubbette said...

I thought infanticide involved infants.

Walter E. Wallis said...

If we don't have children, someone else will.

Mo said...

Every time I hear someone like Hillary spout "safe, legal, and rare," I have to ask: rare? Why rare? If abortion is a legitamate choice, why should it be rare?

When a woman has her appendix removed, she doesn't experience guilt. Why should she experience guilt when she has a meaningless mass of whatever removed via an abortion? Or could it be that she knows something she is not admitting?

By the way, interesting site you have. I stumbled upon it this morning via National Review, which I predict many others will as well.