Sunday, January 08, 2006

Time To Make The Donutzzzz...

I dont' like to brag but I am the official "Donut Coordinator" for Holy Family Catholic Academy. This means that once a month I am in charge of organizing a passle of schoolkids (and hopefully their better-coordinated moms) to serve coffee and donuts after the nine o'clock mass at the church. Today is my day.

Note that it is already 7:27 am. Significance: I am already late.

Our little family is not feeling so great this weekend. There's a nasty tummy flu going around; Richard had it yesterday and I feel its stirrings within myself even as I type.

But I am Donut Woman. I must forge on.

I must turn on the coffee machine (it takes an hour to warm up), set up the tables, line up some 43 dozen sticky messy sugary pastries on trays, collar a few kids to run the dishwashing operation, soothe the moms who've never done donut duty before and are having performance anxiety, avoid eye contact with the octogenarian usher who doesn't like the way I make the coffee (too strong; this is Minnesota, after all, not Rome), start pouring and keep smiling.

If I dont' throw up. That's the key.

If the whole parish comes down with the flu tomorrow, pretend you never read any of this.


counts55 said...

Sue...If I am puking tomorrow I know where to find you. What would we do without the donut lady?! Once a month we would gather and look at each other without the trace of sugar on our cheeks and no lovely orange mustaches. What fun would that be? Thanks!

This Pastor's Wife said...

Just a note to let you know I found you via Ann Coulter's Website. Your blog is great and I look forward to reading more.

Joke said...

Ditto what Caroline said. No idea how Ann Coulter found you, but hey, it's good.


Joke said...

P.S. I suggest you put in the word verification comment thingy, lest you get overrun by moonbat whackjob types.

I'm just sayin'.

winer said...

Boy, I can tell you are in MN not CA. Donuts? Donuts? In this age of waist,carb,fat,exercise are still serving donuts? You go girl! Donuts for all.