Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mea Culpa Again

A reader asked, tactfully, if I'd welcomed my new readers who found me via Ann Coulter's site.

Let me do that now. WELCOME COULTER FANS! I am happy to meet you all and I am delighted you're enjoying this blog!

Now a question. Many of you may have noticed I do not publish a blogroll. If you're wondering why: I dont' know how to.
Can anyone out there tell me how to establish a blogroll?

Anyone? Anyone?


This Pastor's Wife said...

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Click on 'Change Settings' located next to 'new post'
3. You'll now see 4 tabs at the top of your screen. Click on 'Template'.
4. Now you'll see all the HTML stuff. Can look complicated, but don't worry. Scroll down (it'll be close to the end) until you find 'Links' Google News, Edit me, Edit me.
5. Now is the tricky part ... just type in the name of the blog you want in place of 'Edit Me'. Then replace the it shows in the <> just before the Edit Me with the for that blog.
6. When done click Save and then republish to see changes.

Hope that helps and doesn't confuse. I know some people go to but I understand HTML better so that's my route. Maybe someone else can provide better instructions if need be. Good luck!

denis said...

Thanks. I got here via Coulter's site. And for me, the RSS feed that provides is good enough to get updates.

Joke said...

To append to what Caroline said, the "complete" blogrolled entry ought look like this in your template:

[li][a href=""]Joke's Blog[/a][/li]

(replace the [] with <> because Blogspot thinks I'm trying to do something weird here.



The Apologist said...

Ooh, can I be on your blogroll? ^_^

Chubbette said...

I was worried that Ann Coulter had discovered a powerful ally in the blogosphere.

But then I discovered that you don't know how to add links to your blog. I felt much better, lol!

If you're the best Ann can do, I can still sleep nights.

Dave said...

Never you mind the fatone's incorrect deduction. The power of your humor and good sense blows that kind away like the sunday paper on a Minneapolis porch in winter. BTW what is html?

Chubbette said...

Go ahead and call me the fatone. I'd say something equally insulting, except from the looks of things, you wouldn't be able to hear me. :-)

Jim Kearney said...

I'm just sorry that I never heard of you until now. Any friend of Anne's is a friend of mine. And I'm desperate Bronx Irish.