Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hoodwinked Indeed

Anyone who is contemplating spending precious family dollars on "Hoodwinked" should save his money.

Apparently some creative Hollywood genius got the bright idea to retell the Tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Rashomon- style. This means despite a lot of screen time give to a a very strange and sour-expressioned LRH, there really is no central character and no hero. This is not the kind of story that will make Americans stand up and cheer. Or keep their interest very long.

There's a bad guy, yes, but you figure out who he is immediately. (He's pretty obviously gay, by the way. Ever notice how Hollywood makes gays the bad guys?) Even the kids figured it out. The rest is all filler, with some remarkably dull pop tunes and old jokes.

In an audience full of the under-twelve set I counted ten laughs.

A waste of time and money.


Joke said...

It wasn't THAT terrible. Speaking strictly for myself, I had pegged the villain as "Californian" more than gay.

Still, it was a rather dull film, I just hated it less than you did.


Christine said...

Well, thanks for the heads' up. So few good family films out there that I can bring my 4 1/2 year old to. *sigh* I guess that's why God made Netflix - so I can rent stuff like "Lilies of the Field" and the old Herbie movies for my wee ones.

maggie said...

Bair (who is ten) LOVED it. Maggie

Mayden's Voyage said...

The ONLY thing in the whole movie that made me laugh like a goofball was when the wolf was knocking on the door!!! Out loud, a split second before he said it...I blurted out:
"Candy Gram"!

My kids looked at me with such wild eyes..."Mom, how did you know he was going to say that?!!!"
May the beauty of old SNL never fade!!!
-BellaCora :)