Monday, January 23, 2006

Dancing On Their Graves, Part One

You know rap music has been around a long time when even I can tell good rap from bad.

"Bad" is how I'd have to describe the act I caught last night. Three white boys in ghetto sweats demanding "respect." Call me picky but it's impossible to respect a man who doesn't have the sense to pull up his own pants.

The crowd at the Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis was 97 per cent white and 85 per cent female. I base these statistics on the fact that I counted heads. Although there was some changeover towards the end- the proverbial "margin of error"- I counted three "people of color" and fifteen men out of a crowd of one hundred. The rest were white chicks ("people of non-color").

I mention these numbers because this was clearly a set that respected statistics. I could tell by the enormous poster on the wall: "77% of anti-choice leaders are men. 100% of them will never get pregnant."

I really wanted to know how they arrived at that stat. Who were these anti-choice leaders, how did they define "leader," etc. I didn't get the chance to ask- too much noise in the place, no one would have heard me anyway.

Judging from the action going on among the ladies, though, I'd say only a minority of the women present were in any danger of getting pregnant. Certainly not last night, anyway.


Christopher McLaughlin said...

I don't find that particular statistic believable or convincing. And like they say 66.43% of all statistics are made up anyway. But the statistic I do find credible is that the largest demographic in support of abortion is males ages 18 to 34. Hmmmmm.

Joke said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I am pro-choice on taxes and firearms.


denis said...

I'm pro-choice, too. If you don't want a kid, *don't have sex*.

Joke said...

Hey, waitaminnithere. DIH, um, why were you at this rap thing?

Enquiring minds, etc.