Sunday, January 15, 2006


The Golden Globes are upon us, and if the hype is to be believed, "Brokeback Mountain" leads the pack.

The PR for this film keeps insisting that it's not just just a "gay cowboy"movie.

And they are right: it's not.

It's a gay SHEPHERD movie.

These guys wrangle sheep, not cows! And do we really have to ask what young men and sheep get up to all day?

Full disclosure: I haven't seen the movie. But I read the story.

The film critics keep dancing around the central scene, saying things like "the filmmakers avoided the more graphic depictions of the relationship between the two men " yadda yadda.

Let me spell it out for you: they mean they left out the "Deliverance" scene. Presumably so they can pretend "Brokeback Mountain" was really a lovely, tender, romantic story.

It has all the tenderness of "Deliverance." And none of the "Duelling Banjos."

Just what one wants in a date movie.


Anthony Cerminaro said...

I saw the movie on Friday and they did not leave out the "Deliverance" scene. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was shocked and disappointed that the first "encounter" between the shepherds was so physical, empty, violent and lacking in tenderness. And it strikes me that the character Jack was something of a sexual predator. Maybe the depictions in the movie are making a point, but I am not sure what it is. Not my idea of a date movie either.

Joke said...

Doesn't sound like a funny movie.

I simply cannot be bothered by unfunny movies.


Gino said...

no straight man would go see a romance movie anyway. especially one featuring un-straight men.

real men want to see explosions,gunfights, and hooters. preferably at the same time.

brokebaaahk has neither.

i'll take a pass.

Badda-Blogger said...

I'm not so sure, ginuzz. I enjoy a good romance film... and many without explosions and gunfights.

Forget Paris was good, but I don't think it was a big hit. Love Actually was quite good.

Just to make sure I balance my reputation I love Raiders of the Lost Arc, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, LA Confidential, and Spider-Man.

emma said...

What would the 'Marlborough Man' think!?!

dee said...

I'm not wasting my money. Kind of sounds like a boring, melancholy, even degrading kind of story. I think I'll go watch "I Love Lucy." Thanks Hollywood, let me know when you can come up with something that doesn't contantly revolve around sex and/or taboos.
Happily married 35 year-old, mother of 2, business owner, Missouri-born, and Christian.

Middle Class Guy said...

Is Broke Back the fictional name of a mountain or a sexual position?

Der Tommissar said...

no straight man would go see a romance movie anyway.

Even if it has Maureen O'Hara in it? I mean, have you even /seen/ "The Quiet Man"? I mean, you can't hang with "Casablanca" either?

Don't overcompensate; it's unseemly.

The Pink Hammer said...

My husband's friend went to see it and walked out during the "love scene." When he got up to leave he noticed that the there was not a female face in the audience (although I'm sure there were some feminine faces).

He said he thought he heard the murmuring "hater" as he left the theatre. I'm surprised they didn't charge him with a hate crime for not appreciating their "special" form of love.