Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Sale You Can't Refuse

You always think you're done with the after-Christmas sales, and you always find out you're wrong.

KMart: the Martha Stewart leftovers. This year a burgundy-and-plaid tree, next year a Carribbean theme!

Bloomingdales: you''ll show those engraved Christmas card snobs a thing or two. "Season's Greetings" my a--.

Target: ok, here's where I came to my senses. Little girls' Christmas dresses on sale, red with fake fur trim. Your little Santa-ette would have looked pretty cute, even at full price. But buying one two sizes too large and stashing it in the linen closet til next December? I dont' think so. Imagine pulling it off the shelf when you're looking for sunblock in July. Eccch.

Even the toys didn't seem right. Only the oddball Barbie accessories left. A ten inch tall purple horse's head. Excuse me, Pegasus head. With a full mane your child can brush and curl. Talk about sick.

Maybe I'll buy it and lay it on the foot of someone's bed some morning. That'd show 'em who means business.

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chicklette said...

I saw you had no comments so I just have to leave you one! Really LOVE your thinking about the Pegasus head! Too much!
Really enjoyed your blog and will check back often. Found your link from Ann Coulter's website today.
God bless,