Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Storm Warning

Had our first snowstorm last night.  Of course it was the same night the daughter announced she'd left a crucial textbook at school.  So we had the thrill of driving through it.

It's about a seven minute drive, usually, from our house to the school.  I didn't notice how long it took us last night.  I was too busy counting the crashes.  Total  5.  Not bad for a stretch of just a couple of miles.

But the good news is the snow has stopped, and according to the weatherman we are in for what I think of as the "dessert" after a winter storm:  Yes, folks, we have sleet on the way.

Every year I ask myself, Who was the joker who thought it was a good idea to plant a city here?  Did someone look around and say "yeah, headwaters of the Mississippi, horrific winters but sure, let's go for it!"  Are we keeping an eye on Canada?  Or worse, Iowa?

Well, I put my Christmas lights up early just to pierce the gloom.  I know it's not Christmas yet but someone's got to take a stand for sanity around here.

And if those boneheads currently jabbering away in Paris want to talk about climate change, I want them to know I'M ALL FOR IT.

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