Thursday, June 25, 2015

Country Life

I suppose I should call it "Life in what is still now technically 'country' as it has farms but is probably going to be a suburb in five years' time, what with all the new developments going up."

I live in one of those new developments, but once I leave the development it's just me and the cornfields.  When I walk the dog in the mornings it's mostly farms we pass.

Farms and greenhouses.  This morning a dog from the greenhouse followed us a ways- bored, I suppose, with greenhouse life.  We walked her back to her owner.  The greenhouse lady told me not to touch her dog-- "I prefer that pedestrians don't interact with her"-- and lectured the dog on "not being a good listener."  I guess that's what constitutes country talk in these parts.

I am a suburbanite, born and bred.  The worst kind of suburbanite, in fact: I grew up on Long Island.  To me "wildlife" is cats and squirrels.  The only birds I can reliably recognize are robins and pigeons.

Now, though, I'm seeing some amazing birds.  The other day I saw two bluebirds.  Not bluejays--  real bluebirds.  I'd never seen one in my life, and there they were, two of them right in front of me.  I have to tell you it was kind of a thrill.

I'm also encountering quite a few wild turkeys.  They are very loud.  Does anyone know if they're edible?  Just a thought.

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