Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Whoooaa.  Headache.  Why, why...oh, right.  Yesterday was Mardi Gras.

Which would make today Ash Wednesday, right?


Well.  We have two options in my parish.  Go to the 8am mass with the schoolkids and get your smudge then, or wait until a special mass at 7pm.

I've decided to go with the 7pm option.  Partly because it's God knows how many degrees below zero outside and after I dropped my kid at her carpool-- at 7am-- I had to get back inside. I suppose I could have waited around in some drafty coffee shop for the morning mass to start, but that seemed like torture.  Which would have been an okay way to kick off Lent, but I guess I'm just not saintly enough for it.

The downside to attending an evening mass is this:  I can't do dinner before 7pm. Which means I will probably spend half the mass thinking about how hungry I am after a day of fasting, and should I have linguine with clam sauce or just grab a (meatless) pizza on the way home.  Pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza....  shoot, is the sermon over already?  So sorry I missed it.

So.  Who's got any ideas about how to observe Lent this year?  DIH is all ears.

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Foxfier said...

Well, I'm giving up alcohol, being moderate about a huge list of things, exercising regularly, working to get to sleep on time, praying a lot... and none of that counts, because it's due to pregnancy. >.<

There's always chocolate, expensive coffee, giving up a hobby, praying the Rosary more often (there's a website where you can pray it with folks all over the world, ) and the new "give up chocolate" of "facebook fasting."

Oooh, you could decide to write a religious meditation a week for the blog, or something!