Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tree Stall

This year I decided to be smart and order my Christmas tree online.  I di dhtis because for some reason I just couldn't face buying one at Home Depot or Costco this year.  I don't mind buying the tree.  It's getting it into the car and out of the car and into the house and into the stand.  That was the deciding point for me.

So, I ordered a tree.  It came.  Gorgeous. Perfect shape, fresh. lovely.

I had paid extra so that the guy who delivered it would also put it into its stand (purchased form teh same company).  This part was news to him, but he was happy to oblige.

Two days later I think, That tree is drying out.

I call the company.  Turns out Delivery Guy was supposed to saw off the end of the stem before putting it in the stand.  He didn't.

Don't worry, said the Tree Lady.  We'll send another tree, we'll do it right this time.  And we]ll take the old one away.  Can you leave it outside?

So -- the best laid plans and all that- I wrestle the tree out of the stand and drag it outside.
The next day I find a new tree on my porch.  And the old one still lying there.

Long story short: thanks to a friend who seems to be  a Tree Rescuer , I now have two trees.

I thought it would be nice to have two trees, one in the porch so I can see it when I'm coming in the back door, one in the living room so I can see it from the sidewalk.  That part is, indeed, very nice.

But between the hassling and the wrestling and the "is-it-straight-oh-god-I-hate-this-part," followed by the "we- don't- have- any- lights, what- do -you -mean- we- don't- have- any- lights, I -mean- none- of- our- old- ones- work- so- now- someone- has- to- go- to -Home- Depot- after- all- oh- surprise- surprise- that's- me,"  plus the "you-know-we've-never-had-two-trees-maybe-that's- why-we-only-have-enough-ornaments-for-one -tree,"

Between all that my tree decorating is stalled.  I got the lights on them last week. But no developments since.
I gotta rev up my holiday spirit.  It seems to be fading fast this year.

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Ray Marshall said...

They must have cut that tree down in August if it dried out that quickly.