Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Last Walk?

I took my labrador for a walk around the lake yesterday.  I was determined to do this, since according to the weather forecast yesterday had the last decent weather we'll see for a  while.  Which is to say it was 40 degrees and foggy.  Today we have 25 and light snow- still mild by Minnesota standards, but not by mine.
I have two dogs.  The lab, Bella, is around ten years old, we think- she's a rescue so we're not sure when she was born.  The other dog, Mitzi, is a chihuahua mix, we think part min-pin.  The lab is a sweetheart.  Mitzi is ferocious.
I don't take Mitzi for walks very often.  I figure she gets plenty of exercise digging under the fence and bolting whenever she can.  Bella does her share of bolting too, of course- her previous owner gave her up because he was sick of picking her up at the city shelter and paying her fines.  But she has a badly arthritic knee so I try to keep her exercise as regular as possible.
There is a purely selfish motive in all this, of course.  I bought myself a pedometer a few weeks ago.  I heard  somewhere that if you walk 20,000 steps a day you can drop a few pounds in weeks.
 I think I may have actually made 20K once.  Hard to tell since my pedometer has this annoying tendency to shut itself off in my pocket. It's like it's reading my mind.  "Oh come on, Desperate, you seriously thinkg you're going to hit 20K today?  Give me a break.  I'm going back to zero."
Technology is not my friend.
Now we have fresh snow on the ground.  Bella would love a chance to go out on the leash once more.  Unfortunately the wind is picking up and the weather is going to feel even more rotten than it looks in a little while.
Maybe I'll take the dog for a drive.


Bill in AK said...

Dear Desperate,

We live in Anchorage. Our chocolate lab, Yogi, gets a walk every day. Winter, summer, it makes no difference. Yogi is also a rescue. He did not live a luxurious life before coming to our house. Walking daily makes him so happy. He is a sniffer not a puller. I have to admit that I feel better after walking Yogi for these past five years.

Bill in AK

Sue said...

Bill who walks him? - DIH

Bill in AK said...

Dear DIH,

It is a team effort. Yogi likes having his "pack". Of course he sees himself as the alpha when we walk. It IS all about him. My wife is the one allowed to hold the other end of the leash. Yogi has rules. I am the Poop Caddy. It is my job to carry the bags (empty and full), the water, the canvas bowl, the GPS (a very expensive pedometer), and the cell phone. It gets really dark really early here in the winter. We are probably a sight all bundled up. Yogi wears a reflective cape (his Safety Dog outfit), and lighted collar. We wear reflective vests and headlights to spotlight those sneaky moose. Probably more information than you wanted.

If you ever make it to Anchorage, you are more than welcome to accompany us on one of our walks at the University Lake Dog Park. Yogi likes an expanded pack. I suggest a summer visit.

Your Faithful Reader,

Bill in AK