Friday, December 19, 2014

Movie NIght?

The daughter finishes her final exams today, and that means one thing:  movie night!

I've put off watching any Christmas movies until the last week of Advent.  This was dumb since it means I missed TNT's broadcast of "The Lemon Drop Kid" starring Bob Hope which I've never seen and can't find on video.  Note to self:  pay more attention toe TV schedules next Advent.

But tonight all that changes.  I have Netflix, I have DVDs--what could go wrong?

This:  apparently we now have to consult North Korean butcher Kim Jong Un on what moves we can watch.
Turns out he's touchy about movies.  So thinkg twice, America, before you settle in with the eggnog and enjoy a holiday flick.

"Elf."  A movie about short people.  Short.  As in, Aren't all Asians....?
GASP!  Out it goes.  So sorry, Dear Leader!  Never again, I promise!

"Miracle on 34th Street."  About Santa as a mental patient.  Just like that lunatic who's running North--OH NO!  I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!  HONEST!

"A Christmas Carol."  One rich man lives in comfort while all around him people are sick and starving OH MY GOD!!  HIDE, EVERYONE!  HIDE!

Oh dear God.  That was close.  Better scratch Christmas Movie Night this year, maybe watch some reruns of "Law and Order" where- Americans have the balls to put bad guys where they belong-


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