Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Irish Is This?

My father had a health crisis last week.  He is 86 and was hospitalized for - well no one was sure at the time.  They thought at first he'd had a stroke.

It turned out that what he had was some kind of simple viral infection.  In a younger person it would have been a cold.  At 86 it was enough to send him into a tailspin

He is fine now, and back home after 2 nights in the hospital.  His only complaint now is visitors.

"I know what they're all thinking," he told me over the phone.  "They're thinking, Jeez. poor guy, he's had the course.  Better go see him now before he buys the farm.  It's so annoying."

We initially thought we should drive to the Est Coast to see my dad, but after that conversation I realized if we did, my father would add us to the list of "people who think the poor guy is dying."

So we are staying put for Christmas.  We will plan a Spring Break trip to New York, though.  Sneak up on him.  "Hey, we didn't come to see you, we came to see, uh, a play or something."

That will work, I am sure of it.

I'm glad we are Irish, but man, sometimes, it's too much.

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