Sunday, June 08, 2014

Pentecost and Captain America

I finally watched "Captain America" last week.  Gotta say, loved it.  It had everything a movie should have:  superheroes, overblown musical production numbers, little-guy-gets-big stuff, and beating up on Nazis.  I couldn't have asked for more.

Now before I go on with my sure-fire, can't fail blockbuster idea, I have to ask you to watch the transformation scene. This is where little Stevie from Brooklyn becomes Captain America:

So he's infused with super strength.

My idea:  what about a little dweeb from New York who becomes infused with the Holy Spirit?

"Five- four- three... Now, Mr. Stark.

"That's forty percent!"
"and finally-- NOW, MR STARK!"

"Mr. Stark?"
Cue the music!  Open the capsule!

And there he is.  An ordinary man, ordinary no longer, because he's got them all, all seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Did you ever wonder what that would  look like?  Last week I found myself wondering if anyone could withstand being filled with all seven, or even survive it.  What kind of a new creation would that be?

So here's my idea:  "Captain Spirit!"

Or maybe Captain HS. Or Captain Third Person.  Still working on the title.
Oh, yeah, this is good.  He's the SUPER Superhero.  As in literally above all the others.
OK, so all I need now is some screenwriting software.  Hello, Hollywood?  Have I got a winner for you!
Happy Pentecost, everybody.  Happy Birthday,  Church!

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