Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Play Ball!

Or not.  That is the question.

Softball season got off to a soggy start here in Minnesota.  The Our Lady of Peace Through Strength 8th grade girls were rained out all opening week.  Then we had one day of play and lost miserably. It turned out the other team had been practicing in their gym for weeks. 
Honestly.  I can't believe that sort of thing is allowed.

OLoPTS, of course, does not have a gym.  Ever since I can remember the kids have been raising money for "athletic equipment."  Still no gym.  There are OLoPTS alumni about to graduate college who raised money for the gym that never appeared.  I fully expect my kid will be one of them some day.

Then we had a makeup game, on Sunday.  Sun, breeze, dried-out field, and another loss.  We were doing okay until the last inning, then things kind of fell apart. But it was a huge improvement on the first game.  So no complaints.

Yesterday's game was cancelled due to shortage of players.  You need nine, we only have ten, so if one kid gets sick we forfeit.  One kid puked in the cafeteria, and that was that.

We have another game scheduled for this afternoon.  Fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

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