Monday, May 05, 2014

Jack Is Back!

"24" reboots tonight on Fox.  I can't wait.
As in, Ohboyohboyohboy, a whole new round of Jack Bauer!  I can't believe the tv gods have smiled on us again!
I have to admit I came pretty late to "24" fandom.  I never saw the first seasons on broadcast television.  I had to catch up via Netflix.  Every time I heard the V.O. of Jack saying, "Previously on '24,'"  I heard it as "Six years ago on '24.'"  But that's all right now. As of tonight I'll be right on top of things.
So, important things to do today:

1.  Thank Jack Bauer for letting us live another day.
2.   Remember that every time you hear JB say something like, "Look, I sympathize.  I do,"  it means he's about to throw you under the bus.
3.  A bus he is probably driving.
4.  '24' is often not suitable for children.  Blindfold your kids and watch it anyway.

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