Monday, April 28, 2014

What A Weekend!

St. John XXIII!

St. John Paul II!

Man, I wish I could have been in Rome for the canonizations.  I was lucky enough to make it to John Paul II's beatification, so I suppose I should be grateful.  And I was luckier still- no, beyond lucky all the way to truly blessed- to have met John Paul II many times.  I wrote about all that in "Breakfast with the Pope,"  which if you haven't read yet you really should.

Yes I'm tooting my own horn here.  But really, it's a terrific read.  Give it a try.   You can read a sample here:

So I've been incredibly blessed and should not be at all jealous of those lucky devils who got to be in Rome yesterday.  No.  Should not be jealous.  Not a bit. 

 But I have to admit to a little- no, make that a lot-of Rome envy.

I always have Rome envy, of course.  I love fountains and cobblestones and St. Peter's Square.  I love gorgeous churches and  sublime architecture.  I love the Italian language.  I love pizza.

So I'm up for a trip to the Eternal City any time.  But a double canonization? Of two popes, no less?  What a party.


I will probably be looking at photos and videos on the Twitter feed for at least a week.  And I will be praying to our new saints for all of us.

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