Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quote of the Day for Writers!

"It wasn't easy for Roberto Abruzzi to begin.  No one in Santa Vittoria had written a book and not too many people had read one, but everyone knew how this book should be written.

"'Put down anything, put down a lot.  Long books are better than short ones,'" Vittorini, the old soldier and the most cultured man in Santa Vittoria, told him.  "Say anything just so as you say it beautifully."

The priest Padre Polenta, handed him this note one morning:

      Remember this, Roberto.  One's words must glide across the page like a swan moving across the
      waters. One must be conscious of the movement without a thought of what is causing it to move.

It was enough to stop him for a month."

Robert Crichton, "The Secret of Santa Vittoria"

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