Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seriously, Does Anybody Get This?

Movie star Russell Crowe finally met with Pope Francis.  Well,  him and about 10,000 other people.

You've all followed this one, right?  Crowe stars in the movie "Noah" which opens March 28.  For weeks now Mr Crowe has been trying to get the pope to come to a screening of the film.  Now, great idea, right?  Get a real live pope to watch your movie!  Better yet, get him to give his blessing to the movie!  A PR masterstroke!

One problem:  the Holy Father doesn't go to the movies.  And come on, Crowe-- you really think the head of the Church Universal on earth has time for this kind of thing?  The guy's busy, Russ.  Really, really busy.

But for some reason the producers of "Noah" just couldn't let it go.  They finally settled for a spot in a general audience.  You know how that goes. You show up in St Peter's Square in the predawn darkness to try to get a good spot.  You're surrounded by thousands of pilgrims, some of whom just got off the plane from Taiwan and barely know where they are.  There's a lady yelling at you in a language you've never heard before and a mob of teenagers singing "Ave Maria" at the top of their lungs, over and over and over again.  Granted, the "Noah" crew got seats in the VIP section. But still.  I can't even find Russell Crowe in the picture, can you?

I can't wait to see what kind of hay the "Noah" set tries to make out of this "meeting."  Remember when a pretentious neighbor told Tony Soprano he'd had an "audience" with the pope, and Tony replied, "Oh yeah?  What row were you in?"  I'm waiting for Mr. Crowe to try using that line. 

Seriously.  Does anybody get this? 

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