Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St Joseph's Day

Today is the Feast of St Joseph, and we all know what that means:  cannolis.  Ricotta pies.  Maybe a couple of eclairs.

Which brings up the question:  how will the White House celebrate this momentous day?

I mean, their pastry chef just quit.  He says he's not going to "demonize" eggs, cream, butter and sugar any more.  He's done with the forces of evil and is rejoining the ranks of the truly happy.  By which I mean the people who eat cannolis.

Mr. White House pastry chef?  May I issue an invitation?  Check out the Catholic churches in DC that will be offering a St Joseph's Table this week. Picture a regular fiesta of tasty pastries.  You know who I bet has a great one?  Santo Rosario, over by the FBI.  They have a killer coffee hour after the 11:00 mass- I'm talking cappuccino and espresso, baby, sometimes even a decent glass of wine.  Their San Giuseppe celebration must be awesome.

Happy feast day, St Joseph.  We will celebrate your greatness with deliciousness.  Maybe the White House crowd will sneak over to Santo Rosario and celebrate, too.  I'm sure they'd be gald to see you.

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