Friday, February 28, 2014

How Cold Is It?

Yesterday at the gym.  A young woman was using a hairdryer to warm up her running shoes.  "I left them in the car overnight.  They froze."
 It's getting tougher to find a spot in the steam room.  Ditto for the sauna.
Two days of trash piled up in my garage because my trashcans were frozen shut.
My nose doesn't run in the cold any more. It can't. 
Every time I drive my kid to school in minus-teen temps I congratulate myself for not bursting into tears.
Wearing mismatched gloves no longer bothers me. I'll take anything.
I have actually read every single "Last Minute Getaways"  in my mailbox.
I have absolutely no interest in seeing the Oscar-nominated "Frozen."

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