Tuesday, January 07, 2014


The much-vaunted Polar Vortex is supposed to be ready to subside.  As of tomorrow we will have above- zero temperatures and SCHOOL WILL RE-OPEN AT LONG LAST!  YEE- HAH!

Not that I'm complaining. It hasn't been all that bad.  My daughter and I decided to cook our way through the cold.  She looked up the Jamie Oliver videos and we'd cook 'em.  Let's just say I now know what Marmite looks like, although I'm still not exactly sure what it is.

(Funnily enough there were two British guys watching me as I found the stuff in the supermarket.  I noticed raised eyebrows.)

We made "Brown Windsor soup," because we heard about it in an episode of "Poirot." We made split pea with ham soup because we had to get rid of the last of the Christmas ham somehow.  We were about to tackle "Steak and Guinness pie" when we ran out of steam.

So what shall we have for dinner?

I want pizza.

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