Monday, January 13, 2014

Top Ten Good Things About the Polar Vortex

Now that it's gone away, let's look back in appreciation.

10.  Sure your neighbor has a snazzy Mercedes.  But whose crappy ancient Subaru actually started every day?  Ha ha.

9.  You spent quality time with your family.

8.  After a few days even your family admitted they were done with quality time, so you all got to watch Netflix for hours.

7.  You  made enough soup to last until the spring thaw.

6.  You made enough soup to last until the first snowfall of 2015.

5.  Way too cold to open attic door.  Guilt-free slow Christmas cleanup!

4.  Next time you bring up the subject of going someplace warm and sandy, spouse will actually pay attention.

3.  32 degrees feels like a vacation!  Go out and walk off those Christmas cookies!

2.  22 degrees doesn't feel so bad, either!

1.  IT'S OVER!!!!!

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