Friday, January 03, 2014

Batten Them Down Again! We'll Show Those Hatches!

It seems to Desperate she has spent a lot of time battening down the hatches lately.  We've been in quite the deep-freeze here in Minnesota lately, and according to the National Weather Service it's only going to get worse over the next few days.  I'm talking wind chills of 60 below, people.


So I've stocked the freezer, filled the gas tank, sealed off the semi-heated porch. I have also taken the very Little House on the Prairie step of covering the walls of my bathroom with plastic sheeting.

I did this because the plaster in this particular bathroom was ripped off the walls a couple of weeks ago.  We had an in-house flood, and the plaster got soaked, so it had to go.  Unfortunately this left us with nothing but exposed lathe and tar paper to keep the chill out.

I can't just close the bathroom door, as the pipes will freeze.  On the other hand the draft from the bathroom is bone-chilling. So I covered the walls with old plastic tablecloths.  I hope it works.

Now back to thinking of other things to batten down.

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Bill In Alaska said...

Quilts or blankets on the walls can help. Think tapestries on castle walls. Best of luck.