Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome Bishop Cozzens

We here in the frozen tundra Twin Cities have a new bishop.  On Monday Father Andrew Cozzens,  age 45, Assistant Professor of Sacramental Theology at the University of St Thomas, was ordained a bishop in the Cathedral of St. Paul.

So, first things first: WAY TO GO, FATHER COZZENS!!!

Everyone at Our Lady of Peace Through Strength is particularly tickled because His Excellency's family are fellow parishioners.  His parents, his sister and brother-in-law and their seven kids.  Basically as of Monday you can't swing a cat at OLPTS without smacking it into a bishop's relative.  How cool is that?

The whole parish has been abuzz with the news for weeks.  The kids were even given a half day off on Monday so anyone who wanted to could hop on a bus and go to the Cathedral for the ceremony.

Over the weekend the spouse and I attended a party for the new bishop.  As it was still a few days before his actual ordination, I asked him, "What do we call you?"

"'Bishop' is fine," he replied.  "Or 'Your Excellency.'"  He added with a shrug, "Or 'Your Adequacy.'"

I went with "Bishop."

Then I went to seek out his sister.  I knew she was feeling a little stressed from all the preparations and events.  I wanted to tell her I did her a favor:  I had her "anxiety nightmare" for her.

You know the kind of dream I'm talking about.  The one where you have to be someplace -- a final exam, your wedding-- but you can't get there because the road gets swallowed up, or endless escalators keep getting in your way,  or you suddenly realize you left the house naked.  In my dream I couldn't get to the Cathedral because the way was blocked by waterfalls and constructions sites. No matter what I did or how hard I tried I could not reach the Cathedral in time.

As it turned out, my dream was prophetic.  The night before the ordination we returned home to find a pipe had burst and flooded through the walls.  The following day was spent doing the Dance of the Insurance Companies.  So, none of us got to the ordination.

We've been exiled to a hotel for the past few days.  I hope we can go home tomorrow.  I'm thinking of asking Bishop Cozzens to come and bless the new pipes some time.

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